Proudly hiring veterans

Across Shaw, veterans are empowered to use their unique skillsets to build rewarding careers in fields like engineering, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, IT, environmental health & safety and much more.

Supporting veterans and their families

Learn more about the programs and partnerships focused on supporting Shaw veterans, their families and communities.
Homes For Our Troops Partner We are the exclusive flooring provider for HFOT which builds and donates specially adapted homes for severely injured post-9/11 veterans.
ShawVET Associate Resource Group
Our associate resource group advocating for military service members, veterans, and their families.
Hiring Our Heroes Partner Connecting military community—service members, military spouses, and veterans—with American businesses.
Army PaYS Program Partner Providing America's soldiers with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future.
Cameron-Brooks Program Partner Helping junior military officers match their skill sets and interests with opportunities in corporate America.​
Seven Seals and Pro Patria Awards Recipient Previously honored by ESGR with the Seven Seals award and the Pro Patria award - the highest award given at the state level.

Hear first-hand how Shaw supports veterans

Our mission is to serve those that have served. Christopher McSherry, International Capacity Planner ShawVET
You get a professional on the first day. Stephen Morton, Director of Corporate Planning Why Shaw recruits veterans
When I stumbled upon Shaw, they welcomed me with open arms. Micah Pye, Talent Acquisition Specialist Transitioning back to civilian life
You never lose that military bearing... that commitment that you made to serve your country for life. Stephen Morton, Director of Corporate Planning Transitioning off active duty

Meet just a few of our veterans

"Seven years of Navy service enriched me with global experiences, family legacy, and a strong work ethic. From distant shores to the heart of D.C., I've embraced diverse cultures and unwavering commitment. Now, I carry these values forward at Shaw with pride."

Thomas Ward II
Proposal Manager
"In 2009, when I was called back to active duty, Shaw Plant 15 showed their support by placing a banner in the main breakroom, signed by many colleagues. It was a meaningful gesture then, and I still have that banner today."

Todd Mccutchins
Pre-Coat Operator
"Shaw recognized the value in my military experience and provided me with an opportunity to support my family and build a fulfilling career. It's a place where qualifications, dedication, and teamwork truly matter."

Eunice Thompson
Logistics Coordinator
"At Shaw, veterans are embraced in a supportive environment. Beyond our roles, there's a world of fulfillment through community service, associate resource groups, and more. Shaw values diverse perspectives and skills. Your unique background is exactly what we need to thrive."

Hector Santiago
Senior Account Manager - International Sales
"As one of Shaw's HR leaders and a proud graduate of the Hiring Our Heroes program, I've found a new mission in nurturing talent. Shaw's values align with the military's, making it a place where veterans thrive and contribute seamlessly."

Carlene Blanding
Vice President of Human Resources - International Supply Chain and Hiring our Heroes Graduate
"At Shaw, our veteran expertise is a prized asset. We're valued for our diverse skills and experiences. Often times that includes technical prowess, particularly in cybersecurity—an area of constant demand. It's a collaboration that fortifies digital landscapes, and I'm proud to play a crucial role."

Ken Deupser
IT Security & Compliance Manager III
"As a U.S. Air Force veteran, my journey from military service to Shaw has been an incredible transition.  I enjoy building teams within Shaw to solve difficult problems, with similar levels of camaraderie and teamwork as I found in my military days."

Jason Hobbs
Manufacturing Applications Systems Integration Manager/IOT